Who are Unique Visitors?

Sometimes website visitors visit your website many times and they are repeating visitors but you can not consider them as Unique Visitors, So it is necessary to identify these Unique visitors when you are measuring and analyzing the traffic coming to your website.

The number of Unique visitors is tracked by using cookies placed on visitors’ computers, or by requiring visitors to log in when they visit your website. Both of these methods work well at creating a fairly accurate portrayal of unique visitors, although requiring every visitor to log in can be tedious. If your website uses cookies to identify unique visitors and user sessions, this also has drawbacks since Internet users clear cookies sometimes, and other times they may disable cookies.

The number of Unique visitors is a calculation used to help website owners understand how broad their audience is. A website usually receives many more visitors than Unique visitors. Many website visitors come back to the website regularly, so if you count the number of visitors to a website on a given day you will get a deceptively high number. You will be counting the nine visits of Joe Smith as nine different website visitors, the four visits of Mary Smith as four visitors, and so on.

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When you’re analyzing the amount of traffic to your website, there are two metrics to consider – visits and specific visitors.

How is this necessary?

“Visit” is the number of times your website or webpage has been viewed during the reporting period. It is important to note that a person may have multiple seizures.

“Unique Visitor” refers to the number of people who visit your website or webpage at least once during the reporting period (well, a little more) – this number is the return of the previous visit but does not increase many times on the page.

Therefore, if you visit 10 times a day, it will be registered as a separate visitor and 10 visits. If you refresh a page 10 times, it’s 10 visits, one particular visitor.

But, how does Google Analytics (or Adobe Analytics, etc.) know that someone has visited it before? It is measured with IP addresses and tracking cookies. So, to clarify, if you visit the same site 12 times using the same IP address, it will be recorded as a separate visitor and 12 visits.

Do “unique visitors” really tell us the number of people who visit our site?

It is important to recognize that these numbers are cloudy. Many people use different browsers, browse from multiple devices, use multiple IP addresses, or clear their cookies regularly while surfing the web. Additionally, most cookies expire within a month. So, if someone navigates the site through three different browsers, three are counted as unique visitors. Two special visitors are those who scroll through the product page on their phone but move to the desktop for purchase.

The great thing about these two metrics is that when you look at them together, you can see how people (aka prospective customers) visit your website repeatedly.

You can also see how many visits each person has made to your site. All you have to do is divide the total number of visitors by the total number of unique visitors.

Why should you care

Viewing these metrics together can help you formulate a strong customer formula so you can better understand how your customers are interacting with your site and how often they do it.

For example, if someone comes and leaves the online training page of our parent company MECLABS Institute, we know they are interested in our courses, but they are still in the research phase, or we don’t have anything to push them to our page. On the conversion side. We need to add more information, change the page layout or whatever we are asking for “quickly.” Either way, we need to start revising that page.

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