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Top 10 Awesome Content Marketing Tools That Will Up Your Strategy

Top 10 Awesome Content Marketing Tools That Will Up Your Strategy.

Your B2B content marketing strategy is like a machine – it requires simple maintenance to run smoothly. Where content marketing tools come in, tools can help you manage your content strategy and get the best results. We have recently seen some amazing tools that we want to tell you.

Tools have been developed to meet the needs of the modern materials market. No matter what content marketing strategy you use – whether you’re creating new content or upgrading old ones, creating content for lead generation or brand awareness – there are tools to succeed. It will help to do.

What you choose to use depends on what your B2B content strategy is and what your preferences are.

Although we have published a long list of tools for B2B PR and content, this list focuses on content marketing for B2B, and the recently released, little-known tools will take your content to the next level.

Without further ado, look at 10 tools that can help your B2B content marketing strategy succeed. They are organized into three categories: content creation tools, conversion tools, and SEO and research tools. Under each category, you will find the letters arranged alphabetically.

10 content marketing tools to help you succeed

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Today, keep an eye on all your channels and make sure all your content is visible. ContentCall provides a solution. It is a tool for creating content for social media and supporting your collaborative efforts.

ContentCall features include finding the best time to post on social media, posting your most popular phrases and saving your ideas, and to-do lists for each other. This is truly one of the most innovative content calendars you will find on the market today.


Do you want to start an online course, but don’t know how to start? Kajabi helps! This platform comes through all of your multimedia content assets and creates a real library for you to use as a course.

It not only helps you manage your current content as an online course but also sets up a membership portal with monthly access and online chat forums. It takes care of your audience engagement so that you can focus on lead generation and content creation.

Once your course is set, you can use Kajabi to promote it. From landing pages to email campaigns, Kajabi has a lot of tools in promoting your new course.


Surveys are a great way to get to know your audience better – but you can also use surveys in your content creation. Once you have collected valuable information from your audience, consider using it in a white paper or infographic.

SurvivalPlus is a fun and creative tool with a variety of templates to create any survey you want. You can customize your survey with your own images, branded logos, and fonts. Once your survey is complete, advertise it on your website, your app, your Facebook page, tab, email, and any other platform.

Once you’ve finished and your survey is live, sit down and wait for the data to be streamed. Deliver data by visual or text – and easily filter what you need.

Conversion tool

Alter is an AI-powered personalization recommendation engine to recommend content based on visitor behavior to your website. Are there certain pages you want to put in front of your audience? No problem – make sure those pages in the engine are part of the recommendations.

Install a short snippet of code on your website and alter work to analyze and understand your content and the interests and behavior of your site visitors. Over time, it learns and adapts to the behavior of your audience and the content available on your site.


One of the biggest trends that have hit content marketing in recent years is the rise of chatbots – AI-powered messaging software found on websites and apps to answer the questions of interested visitors.

Enter the Botto Society. This tool designs chatbots for various platforms including WhatsApp and Slack. Messenger and even your own website or app. Your drag and drop messages allow you to create a chatbot experience that suits your specific audience.


Finteza is an analytics platform for you to get more conversions. With less noticeable details, many websites find it very difficult to convert site visitors into leads. A tool like Finteza gives you the upper hand to create campaigns specifically to make site-visitors difficult.

These include setting up advertising campaigns on your site, creating custom conversion channels based on past customer behavior, and allowing you to make money on your site.

SEO and research tools

The Google People Ask feature is also a great way for people to find the answers they need. But it can also help you improve your content. Additionally, the Frequently Asked Questions tool takes a deeper look at this feature of Google and shows you how each question or item is put together.

Go to the Frequently Asked Questions website, enter your search term and see what people ask about that topic, starting with simple questions and be more specific. It shows what’s on the minds of those who are searching for the word and what content you can create.


Have you ever considered what your competitors are doing? CompetitorsApp can help you do just that.

Competitive e-mail monitors your competitors’ digital activities, including their email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and what they post for content.

Sign up online, input your competitors’ information and voice – you’ll be able to track their movements and receive email updates about important changes.


Content King is a great tool designed to audit your website’s SEO and track your content. It monitors your content, gives you ways to improve it, notifies you when something goes wrong and manages your content to good use.

This tool helps make everything go backstage as easy as possible and its instructions ensure that your content reaches its maximum potential.

Keeping track of your SEO rankings is the priority of any B2B content marketing strategy – and is there to help. Its features track your SEO ranking for keywords and monitor your backlinks, helping you see how your B2B content strategy works in search engines.

With easy filtering options on its monitoring dashboard, you get the details you need and look for areas to improve the visibility of your content.

In Review…

There are hundreds of B2B content marketing tools that can help your strategy – from time to time with new people. We hope this list helps you find a new tool to add to your B2B content marketing toolbox.

What tools can help you in content marketing? Let us know in the comments below.


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