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The Ultimate Revelation Of Mangools SEO Extension [Metrics, Backlinks, On-Page].

Want to get ahead in the SEO game? Find out what your competitors are doing and what backlinks are they getting? Learn what keywords you rank for and refine them? Here is my review of the Mongolian 5-in-1 SEO Tools Suite: KW Finder, Serp Checker, SERP Watcher, LinkManager and SiteProfiler.

Premium SEO software was intended for large companies, saving thousands of dollars.

Most bloggers can’t even spend $ 100 a month on these tools.

Although expensive tools provide a lot of functionality, they are not only unbearable, but most of their features are not suitable for bloggers and small businesses.

I’ve been using an inexpensive suite of tools called Mongolia for over two years now.

In all this review, I will share with you the good and bad deeds of the 5-in-1 SEO toolbox that is Mongolian.

What Are Mongols?

As I said Mongols is a set of SEO tools.

Unlike Ahrefs, Moz and SEMrush, Mongols SEO software is affordable for bloggers and small businesses.

(Cover, socks, and SEMrush all start at $ 99 / month)

But Mongolian plans start at just 30 per month and, unlike other expensive SEO tools, you get all the premium features in the most basic plan as well.

Many SEO pricing tools limit the number of features you have access to in basic projects. Their basic plans are like a tool test.

On the other hand, Mongolia also offers you all the features in a cheap plan.

Mongols is not an SEO tool but a whole set of five SEO tools.

When you sign up with the Mongol SEO Tools package, you get access to 5 SEO tools.

  • KWFinder could be a keyword research tool that helps you discover the most effective keywords for your site and your content. It offers many suggestions for each keyword search.
  • SERPChecker could be a search engine results (SERP) analysis tool that enables you to examine which websites are ranking your keywords in multiple locations around the world. It also allows you to examine the mobile rating.
  • SERPWatcher is a keyword ranking tracking tool that allows you to track your own ranking for keywords in search results.
  • LinkManager is a backlink analysis tool that allows you to analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles and find link building opportunities.
  • Site ProfilesA website analytics tool that helps you get a bird’s eye view of your competitors.

Mongolia is an all-in-one SEO software if you want to be successful in SEO games.

Bonus: Free Chrome / Firefox Browser Seo Extension


Mongol offers a free browser extension for both Google Chrome and Firefox. The extension shows you almost all the details you find about a page/website in Tools.

Once you install the extension, you don’t have to open the Mongolian site again to research your competitors. You can do this on a page by clicking the Extensions button in your browser.

The best part of this extension is the context menu that gets found when you right-click.

Instead of copying a keyword and then opening the Mongolian Finder on the page, you can simply select the keyword on the page, right-click and click on the Finder link.

You can also right-click on a link and view the links in Mongolia to analyze it.

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Mongolian Plans And Prices

The Mongols offer three subscription plans.

The Basic Plan is great for beginners right now. I personally recommend and use the Premium plan as it only costs a little bit more and there is a lot of credit for using the tools.

What I like about pricing Mongolians is the cheapness when compared to other SEO tools. Most SEO tools, compared to Mongols, do not find anything on their core projects.

Mongols, unlike other SEO tools, do not limit their access to these tools. Most SEO tools offer limited functionality on core projects. Their basic plans feel like a test for the Mongols.

For just $ 30 per month, you get 5 SEO tools that can help you dominate your niche. Even on a basic project, you have access to all the tools and features offered by the Mongols far more than you will ever need for a small business or blogger.

The difference between the three plans that the Mongols have offered is the number of credits you will receive for each device you use. You need credit for each tool you use to find keywords, find SERPs, analyze sites, and more. These credits reset every 24 hours.

If you are just getting started, you will also get plenty of credit on the basic plan.

If you can’t decide what to plan, here’s some advice:

  • Early or small site? Go with the basic plan. It offers at least 100 credits per day for the small site most of the tools you need.
  • Professional Blogger or Affiliate Marketer? If you are an affiliate marketer or blogger who relies on SEO traffic, you need to get started with this Premium plan.
  • Freelance SEO or Agency: Get Agency Plans. This will help you analyze all of your clients and their competitors.

As for any other SEO tool, I’d say $ 30 is a little expensive for beginners but when you get SEO tools at a cost of 5, that can be called expensive.

Occupations And Opportunities Of The Mongols

Unlike most SEO tools, Mongolian is a set of tools. 5 SEO tools for a price you understand.

  • Offers keyword research options compared to other tools. KW Finder is a major upgrade of Google’s Word Planner.
  • The Site Profiler gives you a detailed profile on your competitors’ sites.
  • Very affordable when compared with other SEO tools like Ahram and SEMRush.
  • Offers a rank tracker to help you automatically track your website’s target keywords. You do not need to include your target keywords individually.

Although Mongols offer everything you need to dominate the niche, there are some things that the big SEO giants can offer.

  • Mongols offers an agency plan but does not offer a dashboard for your clients as other SEO tools do. If you are not running an agency, you do not have to worry about it.
  • Mongols are a relatively new player in the market. Their databases for links are not as large as the rows and mujahed.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mongols?

Mongols is an SEO software that comes bundled with five powerful and user-friendly SEO tools: KW Finder (Keyword Research Tool), Ser Pitcher (SERP Analysis Tool), syrup voucher (Keyword Rating) Layout Tool), LinkManager (Backlink Analysis Tool) and SiteFiller (SEO Website Analytics Tool).

What is KWFinder?

KW Finder is one of Mongol’s most popular SEO tools. KW Finder is a powerful keyword research tool that gives you many important details of every keyword you search for, including Google Trends, Google Search Volume, Google AdWords Cost Per Click, and Keyword Difficulties. Are. Unlike other keyword research tools, it offers three types of look: search by keyword, search by domain, and search by auto or query.

Is Mongolian Free?

There is no Mongolian free but there is a 10-day free trial. The basic plan of the Mongols every month. It starts at 29.90 when the annual payment is made. Mongols 5-in-1 SEO software is much cheaper than Araf, SEO, Moose, and Majestic.

Mongolia vs Ahraaf is

a great tool, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not cheap. With the Mongols, you pay less than half the cost of the Ahrar and you get all the features that Ahraaf has.

Mongols Seo Overview: Summary

If you are not an SEO fan who worships Google and is relieved of the anchor text ratio, this tool comes with all you need.

Mongols SEO tools are great for bloggers and small businesses. It offers a very handy dashboard and a clean user interface that makes it easy to use. Even if you have never used an SEO tool before, you can use it as a professional SEO in just a few minutes.

Whether you are an SEO expert or a beginner, you need this tool if you want to dominate your niche in search engines with your website.
Above all, Mongols are much cheaper than other SEO software on the market today such as Ahraz, Moz, Smarsh, and Majestic.

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