Site Profiler (Website Analysis Tool)

  • website:
  • What is a Site Profiler? : This is a website analytics tool
  • How many sites search in 24 hours: 20 to 150

As well as the site profiler. , You can find a quick profile on your competitors’ sites and of course your own.

You can see all the important domain authority metrics in one place, like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Reference Flow, and Trust Flow.

You also get detailed graphs on Alexa Rank, referring to IPs, and Facebook shares.

This tool also shows you a total graph of backlinks.

The best part of this tool is the Anchor Text Box. It shows you exactly what anchor text your competitors are using. This lets you strategize your anchor text.

If you want to rank higher than a competitor, you not only need as many backlinks as your competitor, but you also need similar anchor tactics.

With this tool, you can learn which anchor text is common to your niche.

It’s important to know what kind of anchor text your competitors are using, and this tool makes it very easy to find the best anchor text for your site.

You can also see a quick overview of the content above your competitors, through which Facebook sharing and referral domains are set up.

Site Profiles. It gives me all the important SEO metrics and insights about a web site on a screen.

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