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Serpchecker (Google SERP Analysis Tool) – Updated 2021

Best and Free Serpchecker Analysis Tool: Full Review

Serpchecker (Google SERP Analysis Tool)

serpchecker tool
  • Website:
  • What is SERPChecker? : This is a Google SERP Analysis Tool
  • How many SERPs are watched per 24 hours: 100 to 1200

When you search on Google for a keyword, you see results based on what the algorithm thinks you would like. The results that other people see may be quite different. This is true for the keywords you are trying to rank.

SERPChecker is a tool that helps you see most people searching for keywords.

Before you start working on keyword rankings, you need to know the competition for keywords. This tool not only helps you see how many people are ranking your target keywords, but it also tells you how difficult it can be to rank them:


For each keyword you enter, you will see matrix-based difficulty scores such as the average number and domain authority. Not only this, but you will also see SEO metrics for domain authority, page authority, CF, TF, and referring domains to rank each page for your target keywords.

This gives you an idea of how many links you have to rank for your target keywords. I’d like to see the number of referring domains that came up with the first five. For keyword ranking, I need at least the average of the referring domains on my site.

Pro Tip: The number of domains in relation to a page/site is more important than the number of backlinks. Google likes pages that get lots of links from different websites.

The best part about SERPChecker is the number of details for each keyword you see. This tool tells you if there is a box/feature area shown on the search results page or at the top of the story box:


It also shows you the percentage of clicks your search results receive. It tells you how many clicks you can get if you’re ranking in this location:

With SERPChecker, you can see. It can appear in search results not only in your country but also in other countries. You can also select to see search results that will appear on mobile devices.

You can also see what the search results look like in the country and device type you choose:

Because Mongols come with a backlink analysis tool, you can easily analyze backlinks to every search result with a few clicks.

And you can’t do all that with this tool.

You can also compare your site’s ranking to other sites listed on the search results page.

Once you enter your site’s URL in the Compare box, you can see when your site is stacked up compared to other pages on the page:

You can also see important news boxes, people also ask for boxes and other details as they are displayed in locations around the world:

You can also choose which metric you want to see for each result:

There are several dozen metrics to choose from.

SERPChecker is the best! I never try to rank any keywords before searching with this tool. try it out.

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