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(High CPM Keywords 2021) How to Maximize AdSense YOUTUBE EARNINGS PER VIEW by Targeting HIGH CPC KEYWORDS

So how do you maximize your YouTube earnings from AdSense by targeting high CPC cost-per-click keywords?

How to Maximize AdSense YouTube Earnings (High CPM Keywords 2021): Well in today’s article we’re going to find out. did you know that YouTube earnings from AdSense vary widely between YouTubers for example a lifestyle video with a million views could make one thousand dollars for one creator while a technical video with a million views could make twenty-four thousand dollars for another creator?

How to Maximize AdSense YouTube Earnings (High CPM Keywords 2021)

YouTubers Shelby Church and Kevin David recently made a video illustrating this very point they compared two videos of theirs each with about a million views and the revenue difference between these two videos was shocking Shelby’s video earns $7,000 and Kevin’s video earned 44 thousand dollars which are six times better for a similar effort. why the big difference? several factors but the most important one is CPM (High CPM Keywords 2021) which stands for cost per mil which is the amount of money an advertiser will pay to show their ad a thousand times to viewers on YouTube.

In researching this topic it’s become abundantly clear that what you talk about, who you talk to, and where your audience lives are the determining factors in what your CPM (High CPM Keywords 2021) rates are going to be. And thus your YouTube earnings per view from AdSense.  so today we’re going to dive into exactly how to find these high-paying keyword topics so that you can create YouTube videos around them and earn more money for the same amount of efforts if your goal is to create high-value content that advertisers want to be on then here are the key factors that you need to understand;

  1. the number one most important factor is your content topic are you speaking about. something technical is it purely entertainment and is your video advertiser-friendly so Shelby’s video for example was about how much money she made on YouTube and that video earned her about $7 per thousand views. Kevin’s video was about how to set up a profitable Shopify store and his video earned about $44per thousand views. gaming or pets or prank videos in comparison don’t typically pay as well they’re often in the two to three dollars per thousand view range.
  2. did you notice a trend? there’s money and talking about money number two is add supply and demand how many advertisers are out there bidding on how many specific types of content. so for example, if you’ve done a super niche tech video and there aren’t that many of these videos and on the other hand you have advertisers with high-dollar products to sell that your audience would be perfect for then. if there are a bunch of these advertisers competing for your video they’re going to bid up the price of that view so your CPM (High CPM Keywords 2021) is going to be higher for that type of video versus someone who has you know produced another cat video in a sea of millions of cat videos cat food manufacturers aren’t going to have to pay a lot to advertise. because there are so many so it’s a simple matter of supply and demand the more you’re able to niche into something really specific that attracts high dollar advertisers the higher your earnings per view from AdSense on YouTube.
  3. factor number three is the number of different ad categories you have turned on for your videos. so as a creator when your monetized you can select the type of ads that appear on your videos and YouTube, of course, recommends that you select them all for maximum earning potential. but not every creator selects them all because sometimes people feel that it can be too much or it’s annoying. especially if you’re a younger channel smaller like me you don’t want to annoy your audience with too many ads before they even know you. so you don’t always select everything. there are the kinds of ads that you’re looking at are the overlay ads, at the bottom the skippable ads, at the beginning and at the end the non-skippable ads at the beginning, in the end, they’re sponsored cards and then if you make videos long enough there is the option to put ads in the middle so the more adoptions you select the more opportunities YouTube (High CPM Keywords 2021) has to serve ads on your content. the more money that you make and the more that YouTube makes which is a very interesting point.

    YouTube is a business, they need to make money to support this gigantic infrastructure that we all love and enjoy. so as a creator the more opportunities you give them to serve ads on your creations the more opportunities I think that you’ll have in the algorithm to show up because ultimately YouTube is about calculating what’s going to keep people on for the longest and make them the most money. so keep that in mind when you’re selecting which ads you do or don’t allow on your content. so this leads into item number four which is:

  4. the length of videos you produce. so if you produce videos over ten minutes you have the opportunity to put ads in the middle. if you want if they’re under 10 minutes YouTube won’t allow it and the longer your videos the more opportunities you have to put ads in the videos. so if you have a long video that’s a half-hour long with five ad breaks in it you’re going to have the potential to make more money if you can retain your audience through the whole thing by showing them the ads. so the length of your ad matters in determining what your potential earnings per view can be on any given video. – High CPM Keywords 2021
  5. Factor number five is ad time watched and clicks received. so as I understand it as a creator we get paid every time someone watches an ad and the more of the ad they watch the more we get paid and if they click we get paid. Now we’re talking pennies and fractions of pennies here you know but over hundreds of thousands of views, it all starts to add up from the advertiser’s side. They only pay if somebody watches at least thirty seconds of an ad or if there’s a click on that ad so behind the scenes YouTube is always balancing what they collect from advertisers what they pay creators always keeping the audience happy while trying to maintain a profitable business.
  6. factor number six is who are you talking to are they a high-value audience are they a low-value audience ? so for example business people, high-income earners, the older demographic is typically considered higher value audiences because they have more money whereas kids and teenagers and you know people that don’t have a lot of money are considered lower value audiences. I’m not saying this to be mean it’s just economics advertisers are willing to pay more to put themselves in front of people who have money and the YouTube algorithm categorizes viewers based on what they watch and how they behave on the platform so that they can match advertisers to the correct audience so the advertisers can achieve the results that they’re looking for. – High CPM Keywords 2021
  7. Factor number seven is the country that your audience is in so the richer your country the higher the ad rates are going to be. so if your audience is in the United States Europe Australia you know some of these other high-dollar countries advertisers are going to pay more to be in front of those viewers whereas if you’re in India or your viewers are in the Philippines that’s considered a lower dollar audience and so advertisers are not going to pay as much to put themselves in front of that audience. so if you want to make more money, you want to create content that appeals to audiences in the richer countries. – High CPM Keywords 2021
  8. Factor number eight the last factor is the content category that your videos are in now this is almost a legacy thing that creators have been doing for a while. Now like we’re asked to put our videos into a content category such as people and blogs, entertainment, travel, technology, education and I believe these categories were originally created to help advertisers figure out what kinds of videos they wanted to align with theirs.

High CPM Keywords 2021

Not a lot of information about the true nature of these categories and the link to learn more in YouTube studio is actually broken so you can’t actually learn more about these categories. so I wonder if this is something that they’re planning to sunset because you know in the years since this was introduced I think the algorithm has become far more sophisticated. I’m sure YouTube is gathering big data on all of us everything we watch, how long the behaviors they can probably guess our demographic from everything that’s shared all over the internet and so I’m guessing that these categories may be less valuable for advertisers than what it is.

You’re actually doing on the platform today last week last month here so how do you find these high-value topics to create videos around first you google high CPC (High CPM Keywords 2021) keywords CPC equals cost per click and this is a term from the blogging world you will find thousands of articles about niche keyword topics to build websites around to maximize AdSense revenue. remember the Google owns YouTube and AdSense (High CPM Keywords 2021) runs the video ads on your content although not exactly the same, there is a correlation between the AdSense rates (High CPM Keywords 2021) for websites and the AdSense rates for YouTube according to hub spot. YouTube ad rates are generally a bit less still this will give you a good sense of what pays and what doesn’t skim through these articles look at their lists of high-value keywords and make your own list of words that you want to be able to build content around. once you’ve got a general idea of some high-value keywords that you can address:

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  • Go to Neal Patel’s Ubersuggest website that’s and start typing in some of these words to see what comes up in terms of more specific keyword phrases that you can go after.
  • sort the results by CPC (High CPM Keywords & High CPC Keywords of 2021) to see which pays the highest and if any of these resonate with you go make a video about it
  • the highest value keywords are typically found in these categories and I’m just going to share some rates I found:
  • insurance sixty to one hundred and seven dollars
  • online trading twenty to thirty-five dollars
  • technology ten to ninety-eight dollars
  • e-commerce I’ve seen anywhere from ten to forty-four dollars
  • the business I’ve seen from 10 to ninety-four dollars
  • medical ten to forty-six dollars
  • attorneys I’ve seen from ten dollars to a hundred and seventy-nine dollars
  • for a very specialized kind of attorney mortgages fifteen to ninety-one dollars
  • credit ten to forty-five dollars
  • online education fifty to seventy dollars
  • digital marketing and advertising twenty to thirty dollars and
  • oddly enough donating cars fifty-three to a hundred and thirty dollars


Now keep in mind this is the cost per click so this is you know a little bit different than YouTube ads will probably be slightly less but it gets you a general idea of what are the topics that are paying far more than the typical topic you find on YouTube. the difference from low to high on the range is typical that on the higher end of the range you’re going to be finding a deep dive into a sub-niche topic of that category that for some reason is in high demand now keep in mind that these ad rates are changing constantly.

CPM (High CPM Keywords 2021) rates will depend on how many advertisers are bidding on these specific terms how many video slots there are available for these specific terms and all the other factors that we just discussed the point is if Amazon FBA is paying a $50 CPM (High CPM Keywords 2021) and a bunch of YouTubers go out and make really good videos about Amazon FBA and if a whole bunch of these videos suddenly become available to advertisers that’s going to bring the CPM (High CPM Keywords 2021) rates down for everybody it’s supply and demand so don’t assume that prices will always stay high if you want to create high-value videos for high-value advertisers you always need to check to see what they’re actually paying on the topic you’re about to produce a video on.

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