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Link Minor (Backlink Analysis Tool)


  • Website:
  • What is Link Minor? : This is a Backlink Analysis Tool
  • How many backlink rows are there per 24 hours: 2000 to 15000

Reverse engineering is my favorite SEO strategy for my competitors’ backlinks. It provides me with a simple roadmap that I can follow to guarantee high search engine traffic.

With LinkManager, you can not only find pages that link to your competitors, but you can also find links that they may have lost.

When you enter the URL in the link menu, you can see all the links that have been found around the web through the page:

You can also view all backlinks to the root domain by clicking the Change root link in the upper right corner:

For each domain and the page you analyze, you can see the key scale at which trust flows, reference flows, and referring domains areall in one place:

The best thing about Link Minor is that you can filter links based on link types such as blogs, questions, and forums:

This tool allows you to filter backlinks based on metrics such as link strength, reference flow, Alexa Rank, and more.

Pro Tip: In search engines, most of your competitors’ links aren’t worth much. With filters, you can filter backlinks based on link strength or reference flow, which are metrics that specify the page authority of a page.

You can also see the pages that have pages in the sidebar, and if you click on the link, the link is on the page.

You can also see lost links from your competitors. This gives you the chance to reach the website owners of the missing links and ask for links from your site.

You can also use this tool to find your lost links:

If you want to analyze links further, you can export CS CSV links to view them in Excel or Google Sheets:

The only thing I want to do is link backer to find your competitors’ backlinks and then reach the linking website to your site. try it out:

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