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6 Simple SEO Tools For Blogging And Attracting More Traffic

6 simple SEO tools for blogging and attracting more traffic. The best you can do as a content creator for your blog is to customize the text in order to integrate what users are interested in reading and finding online. The fact of the matter, although, is that so many Internet users have excellent content they post on a regular basis, some of which are close to the content you post. So how do you keep up with them and get traffic to the contents of your blog?

The benefit of SEO is that it has resources that filter down to the details of your needs, fulfilling both your desires and those of others.

How many words am I going to use on a post?

Will I use the pictures in my posts? How do I consider the right keywords to use? ‘All these are issues that so frequently fall into the minds of blog owners, and with resources like those on, there are simple answers to your apprehensions.

The entire reason you’re bugging is that you have something the world should learn, but it’s all going to waste if you can’t find your page in the world you’re targeting. Optimizing for blogs is well-calculated to deal with content problems, so search engines recommend your blog as a response to the questions that users are worried about.

Here is a list of 6 SEO tools for you to bring more traffic to your blog:

PageSpeed insights

Convenience to readers is a top priority for any blogger with the goal of attracting a large audience. As you test to offer value to your readers by increasing the readability of your text, consider using this method.

The PageSpeed Review Tool will allow you to test how much time your pages or links to articles take to load, which will let you know how best to change them. The quicker your pages load, the more likely it is for people to read your content, or searching your web for more, which will instantly improve your page traffic.

Backlinks and Link Analysis

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how and where your readers are coming from? Better still, isn’t it awesome if you add different sites to your site?

Well, this SEO tool helps you to examine all backlinks to your site by crawling search engines to track links. Get a snapshot of the most powerful links.


The worst thing that could happen to you as a content producer is to be accused of stealing people’s material as your own. It’s good for viewers when the material is original.

However, sometimes content can be too familiar, so that it is easy to cite plagiarism for their work. For this purpose, the Copyscape SEO tool analyzes content for you to detect any duplicate work, putting you in a better position to make decisions.

This tool is a helpful guide for you to secure and own the reproduction of your original content without your permission.

I’d like to suggest online spell check resources that will help you develop your writing skills.

SERP Rank Checker

A good tactic to use to stay ahead of the game and be competitive is to be conscious of how well your page is doing in search engines relative to others.

Ideally, the SERP rank checker analyzes the search engine’s top pages, not just to give you an idea of what people are searching for, but also to guide you in the success of your pages and the URL of your site.

Keyword Explorer

When creating content for your blog, it is crucial that you understand the needs of your audience because you exist to provide them with answers to their problems.

In such a way, understanding the keyword preference that they use is crucial while leading them to your blog is the way to go, and this tool is just what you need.

The keyword explorer analyzes the top keywords for you, as it alerts you to the accuracy of the terms you have selected, taking into account the position and context of your audience. Learn more about the expressions your rivals use that offer them the attention they have, and make educated choices about your terms as well.


Is curiosity about competition killing you? Before you want to go out and literally knock on people’s doors, there’s a simple way to satisfy your curiosity.

The SimlarWeb SEO tool is one that allows you to compare traffic between two pages, an amazing tool for competition analysis.

So much thought goes into creating quality value for consumers, and technology is the greatest caregiver for all content creators. These 6 tools could be what your blog has been waiting for to become the top-visited site. The crowd is waiting to meet you, go get them!


If you’re wondering why your competition is always out-of-the-box, it may be an often ignored topic like anchor text. Since the Google update years ago, anchor text has been a hot subject, but it’s still ignored. The right anchor text and the right combination of anchor text will help you win the competition.

Linkio gives you the right percentage and anchor text to use when you’re doing backlink campaign in such a way that you’ll beat your competitors very easily.

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