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Point To Point Network Topology / Topology In Computer Network / 4 Different Network Topologies

The arrangement of the network nodes and connections between them is called the network topology.A node represent any device on the network.Topology is simply the map of layout of nodes and connections in the network.Four network topologies are popular today, namely, Start topology, Ring topology,  Bus topology, and Mesh topology.

Star Topology:-

In the star network topology, each computer node is connected to a central deice called hub.Large network can require many hubs and hubs can be connected to each other to create a single large network.

star topology

Features of Star Topology:-

• It is suitable for both small and large networks.

• Easy to install and wire.

• Easy to detect and remove faults.

• Failure of cables does not stop functioning of the entire network.

Limitations Of Star Topology:-

• Failure of the hub cause the entire network to go down.

• Expensive topology to implement .Lengthy cable with a hub is required to install star topology.

Ring Topology:-

Ring topology is shaped just like a ring.It is made up of an unbroken circle of network nodes.

Ring topology

Features of Ring Topology:-

• Each node is directly connected to the ring.

• Easy to install and wire.

• Data on the network flow in one direction.

• Not costly to implement.

Limitations of Ring Topology:-

• If the ring is broken at any point, the entire network stop functioning.

• Slower than other network topologies.

Bus Topology:-

Bus network topology connects each node to the network along a simple piece of cable, called bus.

Bus topology

Features Of Bus Topology:-

• Suitable for small network.

• Easy to connect a computer or peripheral device to network.

• Requires less cable to implement.

• Terminator is installed at each end of the cable to prevent signals from reflecting back onto the bus and cause errors.Terminator is a device that is attached to ground.

Limitations of Bus Topology:-

• If the single cable is severed at any point, the entire network can go down.

• Difficult to identify the problem if the entire network goes down.

• Not suitable for large network. 

Mesh Topology:-

In the mesh topology each node is connected directly to all nodes.

Mesh topology

Features Of Mesh Topology:-

• Most reliable network topology.

• Data can be routed around failed computers or busy ones.

• Can manage high traffic.

Limitations Of Mesh Topology:-

• Most expensive topology to implement.

• Setup and maintenance is very difficult.

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