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Computer Network Architect / Network Structure And Architecture

Network Architecture:-

Network Architecture is the design of a communication system.It includes hardware devices such as routers and switches, cabling, network topology and physical and wireless connections.Network Architecture consist of server and client computers.

Network Architecture

Server Computer:-

A computer on the network that shares resources for the others to use is called a server computer or simply server.Shared resources include information, software, printer, plotter, internet connection, hard disk.

Client Computer:-

A computer on the network that accesses the resources that are shared by the other computers is know as the client computer of simply client. 

The two used Network Architecture are:

• Client/Server Network Architecture.

• Peer To Peer Network.

Client/Server Network Architecture:-

A computer network in which each computer on the network acts as either a server or a client is called Server/Client or Dedicated server network.Each server computer on the network is called a dedicated server.Servers are not used as client computers.

Client/Server Network Architecture

Client/Server Network Architecture includes one or more computers that are dedicated to acting as servers.The servers are optimized to provide quick access to shared network resources.Servers also provides centralized security to ensure that resources are not accessed by authorized users.

Because the Client/Server Network Architecture approach centralized control of data and other shared resources one person or group is typically responsible for administering the network.

Peer To Peer Network Architecture:-

In Peer To Peer Network Architecture, every computer is capable of playing the role of client as well as the server or both at the same time.In Peer To Peer Network Architecture each computer on the network is referred to as peer.Peer To Peer Network Architecture a peer computer on the desktop can share files and printer with other computers and it can simultaneously access other shared resources on the network.

peer to peer network architecture

Peer To Peer Network Architecture tend to be relatively small.Most of Peer To Peer Network Architecture fall to range between two to ten computers.Large Peer To Peer Network Architecture become difficult to manage, because so many network administrators control sharing and maintaining shared resources.

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