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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wireless Networks

Advantages of Wireless Networks:-

Wireless networks can easily add users without having to change the physical Connection. Wireless networks provide robust security protections. Traffic of a wireless network can be filtered or simply blocked very easily.
Using wireless networks users are no longer tied to a specific location, as were with a wired connection. With a laptop computer or mobile device, access can be available at different locations.
in most of the wireless networks users can connect automatically if they are within the range.

Setting up a wireless network can be much more cost effective than buying and installing cables. Because wireless networks eliminate or reduce wiring costs.
Adding new computers to a wireless network is very easy. We can easily expand wireless network with existing equipment, while a wired network might require additional wiring.
Wireless networks provide remote access to the Company’s key applications and resources, helps employees to get the job done while they are away from the company.

Disadvantages of Wireless Networks:-

The main disadvantage of the wireless network is security breach. Intruders (hackers) can tap into a wireless network relatively easier than a wired network.
Another disadvantage is about its coverage that somewhere users might face problems of range of signals.
Sometimes wireless networks speed can be slower than wired networks because of the low signals.
Because wireless networks use radio signals and similar techniques for transmission, they are susceptible to interference from magnetic or electronic effects.
Wireless signal energy weakens rapidly as the signal passes through the environment consisting of trees, buildings, etc.
in wireless networks bad weather also plays a role in Weakening the signals.

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