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What Is Wireless Network Terminology / Introduction To Networking / Computer Networking Basics

What Is Wireless Network Terminology / Introduction To Networking / Computer Networking Basics:-

Wireless Network Terminology includes Radio Signal, Radio Transceiver, Wireless Access Point, and Line Of Sight Communication.

Radio Signal:-

A radio signal or radio wave is an electromagnetic wave propagated by an antenna.Radio waves have different frequencies and tuning a radio receiver to a specific frequency you can pick up a specific radio signal.

All the radio frequency RF system consist of two components, a transmitter and a receiver.A transmitter transmit a radio signal to the receiver which listen for the signal and receives it.RF system includes a set of rules that define how the transmitter and receiver communicate.For example, a rule set can specify that the transmitter must communicate withe the receiver at specific frequency.Early radio signals were analogue but today most most radio signals are digital.

Radio Transceiver:-

A transceiver is a device which can transmit and receive a radio signal and have a common circuitry in a single housing.In case of radio, the transmitter and receiver are separated.The radio broadcasting station is basically a transmitter and the radio is a receiver.But in many cases, like cell phone the device serves the bot functions.Therefore the cell phone is a transceiver.

Wireless Access Point:-

A wireless access point WAP is a device that allows wireless device to connect to the wired network using the WI-FI.The access point connects to the wired network and then broadcasts signals wirelessly to all other wireless devices such as laptop computers.For computers to communicate over a wireless network, they must support the wireless LAN protocol which is called WI-FI.Today many computers come fully equipped with integrated WI-FI, so they are ready to get connected to the wireless access point.

Line Of Sight Communication:-

In Line Of Sight Communication LOS, the transmitter and receiver antennas are in the line of sight .Line Of Sight Communication is used in high frequency communication where the signals can not pass through structures and hills.For long distance communication, transmitters are installed on high buildings, mountains top or high towers.Relay stations Boosters are used to amplify the signals and re-transmit from station to station.

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