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19 Biggest Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

19 Biggest Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make. Like other industries, new affiliate marketers make a lot of mistakes. That’s what crooks do! Fortunately, doing some research on mistakes and learning from others who are a little ahead of the learning curve can be limiting. Trust me as a full-time affiliate marketer, learning never stops! However, I guarantee it will get easier over time.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot like a successful affiliate marketer. I have also noticed patterns that are very common among new affiliate marketers that seem to be struggling and will never make it. To be successful, you must avoid the 14 common mistakes made by new affiliate marketers.

19 Biggest Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make


1 – No collecting email addresses from DAY 1

I made this important mistake in my top 5 affiliate websites. Whenever I think of email marketing, I immediately get a flashback of all the spam I’ve accumulated in my inbox for years. I haven’t heard from my long-lost uncle, who has been on holiday free of drugs and millions of dollars in a country, and we are all familiar with spam.

But facts are facts. Email marketing is one of the most valuable assets for affiliate marketers because it turns out to be crazy! In fact, this is what happens when you do it right. How do you do it? Once again… by providing real value to others. Don’t turn every email into a sales pitch. Actually value your email subscribers and treat them like gold, because many of your customers are worth more than gold! If someone receives high quality and high-value information from you through your email newsletter, for example, they are more likely to accept a product or service pitch each time. In fact, they are more likely to convert to religion!

Email marketing is important and you should start collecting emails from the first day. As your list grows faster, so does your affiliate commission.

2 – Avoid self-promotion

This is something I have struggled with and am still struggling with today. To increase your success, you need to build a personal relationship by spreading information through your website, ebook, video blog, social media account, or other means. People can get boring information from Wikipedia. You should encourage yourself to be an expert in whatever niche you decide to bring. Therefore, it is important to choose a topic that you already know and love. After all, everyone knows what others want to learn. What is your particular skill or knowledge?

To increase conversion rates for the products and services you promote, people need to believe that you know what you’re talking about. Self-promotion is the only way to do this. Tell people that you are an expert and why you are an expert and it is always easy for people to contact you. It is necessary to bring a face and personality to the information being presented. You are competing with major million-dollar companies like this… It’s small and proud!

3 – Writing for Search Engines

Yes, there are a few things you can do to help yourself perform more in search engines. You may be familiar with the term search engine optimization (or SEO for short). While SEO is important, search engines are much smarter than before and they are coming up fast. Google (the # 1 search engine so far) claims that you should focus less on “SEO” and provide a great user experience. If you provide great content, they will come … and search engines.

Relying solely on search engine traffic is really a bad idea for your business. Other search engines such as Google and Bing and Yahoo often change their search algorithms. Many small online business owners are losing their affiliate business due to fluctuations in search rankings. With so many traffic sources, don’t trust just one.

4 – Listening to “Guru”

There is no “secret principle” to online success. The formula you use to succeed is completely unique to your online business. There is no automated software you can use to get rich and no one will tell you how to become a millionaire in their $ 10 e-book next week.

Instead of listening to internet gurus who tell you the secret of fast-tracking money without working online, focus their efforts on listening to the words of people who really care about affiliate marketing.

As a new affiliate marketer, you need to focus on how to build your business. For example, learning how to create a business plan for your business and marketing products online. Once you learn these skills, you will keep them forever. Some software does everything for you (and it doesn’t), how long can it last? Create a sustainable business instead.

5 – Fear Failure

In the world of online marketing, there is no such thing as failure. It is not easy for people to learn marketing online and learn best through trial and error. Tests, tests and re-tests. What works and what doesn’t eat. As an affiliate marketer, you devote more time to projects that are nowhere near and do not give you money. But when you do something that makes you money, it never repeats itself. I earn thousands of dollars a month from things I worked for years ago. Putting money in my bank account every month is like a cash machine. I couldn’t find those revenue streams without completely epic failures.

If you fail, you can never make it to an affiliate marketer. Knowing what works and what doesn’t work is part of our job. This is not possible unless you are an affiliate marketer.

Only people who permanently fail in affiliate marketing will stop trying to work. Did you know that Thomas Edison was aware of 10,000 attempts to make a light bulb? He was successful, though.

6 – Refusing to reinvest in their business

When you make your first $ 500 from your affiliate marketing business, what do you want to do with it? Are you going to save it? Pay off some personal loans? Buy a nice new toy for your child or take a short vacation?


Since receiving my first $ 8 in affiliate commissions. I’m checking my income. In fact, for the first several months, I invested 100% of my profit. Nowadays, I am still re-investing my income, but it’s much less than 100%!

It’s okay to keep some of that money for yourself. You’ve earned it! Remember, the more you invest back into your business, the faster you grow and the higher the number of commissions you earn every day. What percentage of you are investing again?

7 – Refusing to invest in their business

In our society, it is perfectly acceptable to spend $ 30 for a movie and $ 6 for an ounce of popcorn or a bar at a bar. Too. Really !?

If you want to start a legitimate business, there are some costs involved. When you are an affiliate marketer, it is very reliable to keep those costs below mo 100 / mo. And think about it – how many business models are there that can keep your costs under $ 100 a month?

Making money online is a wonderful opportunity, but be prepared to invest at least a small amount each month to grow your business. For a complete breakdown of costs, check out my free 7-day affiliate marketing e-course.

8 – Suction to distraction

Living on the Internet while working from home is a distraction to ruin many new affiliate marketers before they start. When you sit down to work, make sure you are only working! I personally think the timer setting works well. I can set a timer for 1 hour and within that hour, I am not allowed to read emails, go to Facebook, watch any YouTube videos or do anything that turns me on (unless I work specifically for one of the pages).

During my scheduled work, I don’t let the dog out, I don’t get anything to eat, I don’t answer the phone, and I try not to use it if I can handle the toilet. With the number of distractions online and closed, focusing on just 1-hour straight work can be a big challenge. Families in the region also face greater challenges.

Make sure your work time is actually spent at work.

9 – No money earning plan ready

You should not try to demotivate first and you should not make money, you should definitely make plans. How do you make money? Who is your support partner? What products or services do you promote? How do you promote them? Do you use display advertising? When you are ready, what ads do you display? What service do you use?

As you can see, I am a huge sticker on things I have planned ahead of time. Running a business like an affiliate marketing is like playing chess. You should always be thinking a step ahead. Of course, you can always change your plan and you can honestly say that you make changes to the game board. The reality is that the most successful affiliate marketers plan everything before they see their first money.

10 – Failure to properly analyze the competition

Most new affiliate marketers pursue broader niche areas such as insurance, travel or weight loss. The bigger the niche, the more money. Trying and promoting car insurance is so thrilling that you can make $ 100 in sales. In fact, there is so much competition in the “car insurance” niche that you have to work very hard before you try to do the same with thousands of others.

On the other hand, most affiliate marketers choose a small niche and become the “authority” website for that particular niche. For example, you may not want to start a website about “cars” because it’s too extensive. But launching a website and being “authorized” by the 1992 SLR is not enough of competition or lack of interest. But what about launching a website and becoming an authority on the “muscle car” niche, such as Muscle

See where it goes? Always find a place that is less competitive (so you know it’s profitable), but you’re not competitive, just mix with the rest.

11 – Lack of patience

When you consider that most newly successful small businesses take 2 – 3 years to show profits, why should we expect affiliate business to show a profit in weeks? Fortunately, the costs of affiliate sellers are usually very low. This means that it is possible to see success more quickly than other businesses. But you should plan to work for 6 to 12 months at no charge before you see the benefits.

You can trust me, or you can believe that all those who are “quick rich” are outside the guru. What I am telling you may not be what you want to hear, but to be successful, you must be willing to work for free. Next, you will have the remaining income for years. It’s an easy business in the long run.

12 – Failing to create a business plan

Let’s face it, anyone can start a website. Heck, nowadays, you can create a great website for free and you don’t need to know a single line of computer code to do it! Because the barrier to entry is so low, many are trying to start websites and become affiliate marketers’ success stories overnight. However, only a very small fraction of those people succeed. Why ?!

Because they failed to create a business plan!

Just like any other business, the entrepreneur can spend weeks, months or even years preparing the right business plan. Most other businesses indeed qualify for loans from banks. This happens because banks know that business almost always fails without a plan!

Think about it. If a ship is sailing over the sea, the crew must know exactly where to go and how to get there. If they only pushed the boat in the right direction, they would never do it. So why should we expect the impression that legitimate online business is growing? You need a concrete plan, which you map out to follow.

Not sure how to set up a business plan for your upcoming affiliate marketing company? By signing up for my free 7-day action plan e-course, you can create the right business plan in 7 days. For 7 days, you will also have a live website to see the world. I highly recommend you check it out.

13 – Selling instead of helping

Yes, the term “marketing” is part of affiliate marketing, but for the most part, our job as an affiliate is not to sell – it is the sales page work that our affiliate links take to the reader.

When I first started, my biggest (and completely naive) motivations were filling my pages with words and links like “Buy Now!” I couldn’t help the reader why they should have this product. I only want to click on the link, which will hopefully create a commission for me.

When we talk more like an impartial reviewer than a high-pressure vendor, we sell more and people come back for advice on other products in the future.

14 – Much!

This is another big mistake I made when I started – joining every affiliate program I saw. I believe that when working online you have to cultivate multiple sources of income, you have a lot more to deal with and it becomes unbearable.

Choose your affiliate programs wisely and don’t overload yourself.

15 – Not tested

Whenever I choose to promote a Clickbank offer (for example), I choose to put on a potential customer’s shoes and test the next order of sellers.

I learned this the hard way.

Nothing will increase readers’ confidence than to lead a promotion that blasts their inbox. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and see what happens if they follow your advice.

16 – No tracking

That was a big mistake I first started. I started my affiliate marketing career using free web pages on a site called Squidoo (and I still do today).

I like to promote Amazon products on these pages, but I forget to use specific tracking affiliate links on each page.

Why is this wrong? Very easy – when you are selling, you need to know where the sale came from. This allows you to know which pages are better converting so you can develop that campaign.

It’s easy to create a unique tracking ID for Amazon Link. Log into your Amazon affiliate dashboard, click “Account Settings” at the top right, and then click “Manage Tracking IDs”. From there you can create a new tracking ID so that you can tell which web page/campaign has been sold.

Yes, commissioning anything is fine, but knowing where and how your commission it makes you a better seller. This allows you to increase and scale your campaigns – as if working blindly.

17 – No comparison

One of the best conversion strategies I use to sell affiliate products online (especially physical products from Amazon) is to compare the “main” product with two other similar products.

When people are in buying mode for a physical product, they narrow down their options to 2 or 3 and they need help making the best choice.

By comparing “3 best widgets for _______”, I have my own affiliate links for all three products, rather than just one, helping my readers choose.

Over time, when I track that web page, I can see which product is most interesting to the reader and move the product to the top of the page for better CTR.

Comparative web pages are popular and helpful to readers, but they can be very beneficial to you.

18 – Make Money Online Products

Maybe you’ve seen it before. You are on the “Learn Online Marketing” forum. One person complains that he cannot earn a single penny online. But in his signature line, he had something along the lines of “I Made $ 50 Million With This,” followed by his affiliate link.

It happens at this point. Please, that person doesn’t exist.

If you are new and you want to promote products in the online area, don’t make the mistake of saying you are making money from it. In fact, make no false claims at all!

Sure, talk about the benefits of product/training – maybe this is great for you – but don’t try to fool people. You destroy your credibility.

19 – “Hey look! Butterfly!”

This is the biggest drop for any new affiliate marketer. In fact, this can lead to really big problems for experienced affiliate marketers.

Suddenly, it is very common to work on a subject when something “shiny” comes through your inbox or you are often mentioned in forums. Then you come up with some new ideas to make money online.

Ignore those “butterflies”, they fly continuously. They will distance you from your project/campaign. A complete and profitable campaign is worth more than 50 half-completed campaigns or projects.

Affiliate marketing is a business that requires self-motivation and focus. For most of us, these are skills learned. Once you learn about the mistakes that lead to the loss of profits and productivity, you will be able to grow your business and remain profitable for a long time.

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